About 1Click downloader

Company Overview

1click downloader devoted to simplifying the digital lifestyle.

The company creates advanced, innovative technologies to efficiently deliver large files across the Internet, allowing users to enjoy the ease of downloading any type of file with no need for an external download client or special configurations. The company's main product is the 1click downloader, free and small application for downloading large files, fast, secure and in 1 click, boasting over 10 million users.

Our Technology

1click downloader's multi-channel technology syndicates innovation with functionality and is designed to overcome rich media delivery barriers such as congested servers and busy paths, avoiding downloading breaks, pauses and reconnection problems.

1click downloader for Devices

With over 10 million users that are growing by tens of thousands of new users every day,

1click downloader is one of the most useful and popular PC applications.

The 1click downloader Devices is a program designed to meet the various needs and depth of technology that hardware and software companies require to create next-generation Internet-enabled consumer devices. The 1click downloader Device Partners includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) for consumer electronics manufacturers who are creating new devices for the home, office or on the move.

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